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Pocket Weather Australia

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Australia's original and best weather app sources its data from the only place that matters: the Bureau of Meteorology.​Built by locals right here in Australia, we've spent a lot of time refining and building the weather app we all want to use. So whether you need to check what it's going to be like this week on your phone or tablet we have you covered!​For those that love details though, we have some for you:- Detailed weather information for every suburb in Australia- Hourly temperature predictions 7 days into the future- All the Bureau of Meteorology rain radars- Dark theme (by default this comes on at night, or you can permanently toggle it in the app settings)- National synoptic chart- Tide times (with offline support)- Detailed observation information, which you can edit to show only the bits that interest you- All the Bureau of Meteorology warnings for around the country- Notification support if you want to be notified of warnings as they occur- 72 hours of historical information for each location- Supports phones and tablets of varying sizes​We've worked long and hard over the years to bring you the weather and version 5 continues that legacy. As always we're open to your feedback and have even more amazing updates in the pipeline. ​In the meantime, enjoy the weather!